Hello all fellow pain sufferers and survivors. I have only been taking lyrica for a month (100mg twice daily) and so far have not noticed any weight gain. Now, after 19 yrs of unexplainable pain in both knees that would cause me to collapse, I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I remember in the first days, the med made my brain tell my body that I was literally starving. It made me picture myself as one of those poor impoverished people in a 3rd world country that you see on tv. I was able to fight this urge in the beginning and keep my diet the same. Now as time has progressed, I found myself, last night, eating an entire "family" size bag of chips in one episode of 'The Dead Files'. I didn't even realize I was doing it, and at no time felt full and the desire to stop. I have always weighed 115-120. Although I do not and will not define myself with numbers (weight, height, IQ, etc..) I'm concerned that taking this med is going to change that. This med has changed my life. I have suffered from severe anxiety and agoraphobia since I was 19 years old. That's approximately 20 years of spending my time not living. Webbing myself in a cacoon of false safety. Since starting the Lyrica, I am able to leave the house without fear, take my daughter to the mall (after yrs of sitting in my imaginary bubble). I have more energy, am thinking more clearly and some of the pain has subsided. Not all of it. Obviously as this isn't a miracle drug. But I have to ask... Do I give all of that up bc my jeans no longer fit? Would you?