... with your insurance and drs can cut yoi cold turkey, not obligated to wean! I was on 300mgs three times a day when there were troubles with insurance, couldn't afford it and my dr could do nothing to even help me wean! Needless to say, i had no choice but to quit it all at once and WOW, I have never in my life had withdrawals like that. Lasted 2+ weeks and i suffered hot/cold flashes, sweats, tremors, fidgeting, twitching, insomnia, vomitting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, mood swings, anxiety, crying... i wanted to die. It did help with my pain but the withdrawal i experienced was insane, incredibly hard and to me, not worth it. Now, you couldn't pay me to take it or anything like it again! If something makes you feel that insanely miserable without it, then something is definitely wrong/scary/dangerous about it. Use extreme caution please! If something out of your control causes you to have no choice but to withdrawal from it, then God help you. I would've rather withdrew from every single drug I've ever taken or tried, all at once, then go through that again