Hello, i have seizures and really really bad social anxiety, had it all my life, and now seem to have really bad panic attacks that come out of nowhere and leave me scared and in bed just praying to go to sleep or for it to go away with nothing I can do to stop it... Nothing seems to work... I never had panic attacks until recently, just had the bad SAD. About 3-4 months back I did something I should have never done, ate 2 grams of psychedelic shrooms and ended up passing out and hit my head near the temple area... I don't feel my panic problems are from the shrooms, cuz I had no problems after that day, for a long while.. just the SAD... then all of a sudden about 1 1/2 months ago I started getting panic like attacks as stated before , seeming to come out of no where and I have no help on figuring out the possible cause... I'm on lyrica 75mg 2capsuls 2x a day and also am on Depakote ER, but just restarted the depakote after not taking it for about 3-4months to see if my confusion would subside, cuz I know of a link between lyrica and taking depakote together causeing confusion. The depakote seems to help a lil but with the anxiety/panic attacks but not enough. And as for the lyrica the only thing that seems to be helping is my RLS, and am not sure if lyrica could be the cause of my panic attacks

P.S. I might have pheochromocytoma which I got all the symptoms and rare symptoms of and a few of those are doom feeling/sensation throughout the body and bad anxiety, so if my problems with the panic attacks aren't from the lyrica then maybe the pheochromocytoma