Have crps from carpal tunnel surgery 2 years ago. Had major complications resulting in 3 trips to hospital after collapsing. Was on both these drugs at time. Went off them both as would've lost license and had nerve blocks in neck instead which gave enough relief to cope.

3- 4 weeks ago had carpal tunnel surgery on opp hand. Due to crps they did open cut and under sedation and I was put on lyrica 150mg x 2 day before which had me falling over again so reduced to 75mg x 2 day which I'm coping with. Tried to go off lyrica but caused a lot
of pain but not liking how I feel. Bit ditsy and very sleepy.

Questions 1. Is there an alternative to lyrica other then above?
2. Any idea which of the 2 caused my collapses (13 over 12 days) after taking for 3 weeks no issues.
Have 2 young kids who were freaked out the first time and want to be safe.