hi im brandon im new i have been dealing with alot me and my doc ae trying to figure all this out i had a bad pain pill problem i worked all the time and they kept me going i felt like brett farvre well i docter shopped and i have always had bad bad anxiety the only time i felt right when i took xanex and pain pills i slept great and could go go go i put myself in treatmant and i feel so much better thank god sober 4 months anyway im not withdrawing but man the panic attacks are back and worse than ever i was in class the other day and my body felt like it was 1000 degrees my face turned white heart was racing and every loud noise felt like a hammer hitting my head i ran outside i went on depekote and it made me feel 10 times worse so i called the phycyatrist and ive been doing everything the right way so he said sto the depekote and he put me on lyrica and i so hope it works i wanna be normal and i hate feeling this way so any input would help and is lyrica the right choice?