I have learned, for "ME", that everything I put in my pie hole effects my body in some way. I just started Lyrica (FIBRO) 11-17-17, 11:14 pm. I also use 10/325mg Hyrocodonel, Fentanyl 25mcg/he 3 72he patch :-) (lumbar pain), Escitalopram 20mg, (depression), Baclofen 20mg (pain enhancer), Trazidone 50mg as needed for sleep, also suffer from Vertigo, "Yeah" 1 more problem which requires ANOTHER pill Meclazine 10mg as needed. I can not eat processed food it causes pain, inflammation, gastric distress, kidney pain. When I feel good I have tendency to over do it! Which of course does no good, cause I usually can't do anything the next day. I had been on Gabapentin 600/day for 3+ yrs. with forgetfulness, blurry vision, weight loss occurring in last 6-8 mnths. Being married to my wife of 36yrs. does help your spouse/life partner they can see things you don't, even friends can help if they're real and won't lie just to help you feel better (Phoney Help). Tell your Dr. about any bodily changes, may be drug interactions, or something she/he Dr can diagnose we are all different being a retired O.R. nurse I know 1st hand what Doctors have do to make decisions about Meds. It can make a very sane person go nuckin futs there are so many combinations of can/can't use together. If you can't get through to your care giver ask to get a different one. I hope this can help someone I have suffered for 25 yrs. with herniated discs, spinal stenosis, the last 17.5 yrs Fibro, and all the wonderfulness that comes with it.