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I take lyrica 300mg and also lyrica 150mg what side effect should I be mindful of?

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Nico94 16 Dec 2012

Talk to your doctor, their knowledge of the pills that they prescribed for you is best. Your doctor also has knowledge of your medical history and what side effects your body has been prone to in the past.

Inactive 16 Dec 2012

I used to take Lyrica, & it really helped with my fibromyalgia & peripheal neuropathey, but also had blurry vision, water retention, & finally high blood pressure. Your pharmacist will know more than a doctor will about side effects etc... Please read the link below that will list the side effects...

Oldriska 17 Dec 2012

For me it's water retention (common with Lyrica), blurred vision, tiredness and memory issues. I also experience pain in the joints but it may not be related. Everyone's different and reacts differently to medication, sometimes it's a matter of going through different meds until you find the one which works best for you and with least side-effects.

fastcarbon 17 Dec 2012

I have been on Lyrica since about mid August 2012 due to nerve pain in my legs resulting from a multi-level lumbar fusion. I started at 225mg per day and increased to 300mg. I have in the last 4 weeks decreased to 225mg. If they started you on Gabapentin you will notice most side effects have reduced on Lyrica. On the plus side the Lyrica works for pain but my side effects: instability in walking requiring the use of a cane, major memory problems which probably won't allow me to return to work and extreme weakness in the upper legs which could cause a fall while descending stairs are the trade-offs. free discount card

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