Hello everyone, I've just joined the group. I was diagnosed with LC in August after having horrible symptoms every day for over 4 years. I'm currently on Lialda. At the beginning of October I went into spontaneous remission for about 3 weeks. Everything was absolutely normal, one BM per day and it was solid, no distention, etc. That was the first time in more than 4 years that I was normal. I've since had a flare up and I have been miserable ever since. I'm trying Pepto, but it doesn't seem to be working. I haven't made any diet changes, however, and have been told to cut out Gluten. While in remission, though, I didn't make any dietary changes and was still fine. Does anyone have any advice on Gluten, Lactose, etc.? I love to eat bread and pretzels and hat to stop eating them, but if it will make life easier, I will definitely do it. Thank you everyone, and it's good to be here with others who know how bad this is. It litterally consumes my entire life