Lymph Node - Hi, Hoping someone can help, About a week ago I turned my head quickly and felt a popping sensation in the right side of my neck, I could only feel extreme pain for about 30 seconds and then the pain went away! My neck has just been left a bit achy.

I have what feels like a sore throat at the minute coming and also my right ear feels a little blocked. I've had infections in my ear before also. I have a wisdom tooth coming through that aches every now again.

As I was massaging my neck one day I felt a lump on the right side of my neck near the bottom of my neck just to the right of my right ear. It's isant really sore, however my neck aches, when I touch the lump it moves around freely and feels soft.

I'm worried what this could be and have found my self constantly rubbing my neck and searching on google what this could be. I am terrified it could be lymphoma, I have no other symptoms just an ache in my neck, however I think the fact I keep thinking about it is making it worse and making me feel like I have symptoms I haven't got like shortness of breath and things like that after reading that it can cause this. If someone could help me that would be great! Thank you! I look forward to hearing back!