My story is alittle complicated, I was on the implant in July but had it removed by the 15th cause it was giving me acne.
As I had acne my GP gave me lymecycline which is a antibiotic to help get rid of my spots.
Within a month I was pregnant which I didn't know. It wasn't until 3 months I was pregnant I found out but I'd already been taking this lymecycline for 2 months.
My GP explained it could be harmful for my fetus, I havnt had a scan yet but I'm so worried because I may need to get a termination. I just won't be able to cope with a disabled child (please don't judge)

Can anyone help me with there past experiences or medical advice?
Also when I get a scan could they tell me about the fetuses bones?
Thank you so much and I hope someone can help me.