My mother was diagnosed with RA about 11/2 months ago she let the doctor know she thought it was Lyme Disease. I truthfully think it is Lyme Disease all the symptoms came on too quickly. The doctor put her on Methotrexate its not working so far . We want to start a home remedy for lyme disease. The home remedy consists of Vitamin C & Sea salt tablets (pure salt), should she quit taking the methotrexate? I want her to stop ASAP. just a small note : when my mother brought up the lyme disease to the RA doctor he said to her" we'll test you and we wont talk about it anymore." Just pushing her concern aside. RA and Lyme disease show up oddly the same on tests or negative even. Most people when they realize what they have are in stage three of the Lyme disease. We will not be asking the RA doctor if she should should stop the Methotrexate, so any info would be nice ,THANKS