... doctors already. I suspect that I have Lymes Disease. I live in Western Pa. and we travel, hike, bike plus I live with woods around my home. I look back over the past 3 years at all of the health issues I have had & it wasn’t until I got arthritis in both of my knees (it basically came on within 1 week of catching a cold last Oct.). When I looked at a checklist of symptoms, I had about 95% of the list. I has the standard test for Lymes which was neg. but I am aware of the inaccuracy of this test when Lymes has been present for a while. I was placed on 30 days of deoxycycline which helped a bit. Now I can barely walk. The ortho. Dr. said I have osteoarthritis & said I was a 3 (on a scale of 1-10). He said there was a great deal of debris in my knee joints & I am scheduled for arthoscop. surgery next week. I convinced him to biopsy my synovial contents. My question is what should they look for to rule out or certify that I do have a Lyme infection