When I was about 11 or 12 I discovered I had 3 or 4 ticks on me (can't remember which) I got scared and pulled them off and threw them. They were dark and all had white spot on the back. At 15 my gallbladder stopped functioning and I had to have it removed, the doctors didn't know why it had stopped functioning. After the surgery I got very ill and to be honest I'm still not 100% me after that. Everyone thought it was the anesthetic but I had had my wisdom teeth taken out at 14 under anesthetic and had no problems (still a mystery to this day). Few months later I had my first anxiety attack, at the time I didn't know what it was, next thing I know I'm on anti depression and anxiety meds (which helped but I still have episodes). Long story short I have gained so many problems out of nowhere such as, weight gain (60-80 lbs and am currently stuck) anxiety, depression, hot flashes, joint pain, shakiness, headaches behind eyes, eye pain, near sighted, fast heartbeat when in shower to long, tired all the time, sometimes when I'm walking my right leg in the thigh area will give out for no reason and I have to sit down but then I'm fine, still get nauseous when I eat even though I had my gallbladder removed, burning in stomach, pains in abdomen (especially in the lower area and below the ribs, short term memory loss, eyelid and muscle twitching, back pain, ringing in one ear, feeling weak, was told I with PCOS even though they didn't see any cysts, no menstrual for 11 months, occasionally disoriented, nose bleeds before they cauterized the blood vessels, Uti's symptoms of IBS, low on b12, chest pains, brittle hair, elevated liver enzymes and now it's hard to stand for too long before I feel this fullness sick kind of feeling in my stomach . Overall I feel something isn't right. I was tested once 2 years ago and it was negative, they still can't explain my symptoms and I've had lots of tests done on me, they just kind of put me on meds and that's it. I went to a neurologist due to my terrible constant headaches, he said something about my gait how it was uneven I believe. I had CT's done and once again I was just put on meds and sent home. So if anyone could help me even a little it will be appreciated, is this all in my head? I feel like no one is taking me seriously. I also developed a few allergies from things I used to drink and use. I'm 20 and I was in Virginia when I was bit.