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Luvox - I just started it yesterday and felt very depressed when I woke up is this normal?

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13 Dec 2009

No, this is not a side effect. It takes about 14 days in your system before it really starts to work. This is an excellent drug, just give it a chance to work.

Have a Great Holiday Season

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Para_Le_Gal 13 Dec 2009

I agree with itsmetoo2... you have to give an antidepressant at least 2 weeks before you know if the medication is working for you. Luvox was the first SSRI prescribed to me when I was diagnosed with OCD almost 10 years ago. After about 4 weeks I didn't notice any significant improvement in my OCD... so after trying multiple SSRI antidepressants (giving each one 2-4 weeks to determine if any noticeable improvement)... I finally responded to 200 mg of Zoloft.

13 Dec 2009

Hi I took luvox and I ca say it was not the drug for me. It did not take long for it to work. Everybody is different and what happened to me may not happen to you. But it made me numb. In the sense that I did not care about anything. You could have told me my house burnt down and really could have cared less. It scared me because I wanted to feel things like normal people but not obsess or have anxiety all the time over like say a burnt piece of toast like I did before the luvox. But not haveing any feelings about anything was not for me. So I guess my advice is give it a good try. You may have no side effects and I hope for you that is the case and that you start feeling like you want to feel I hope this may be helpful in as much as you can be ware if the feeling of being numb to things you should care about is not how this medication should work. Good Luck and God bless.

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14 Dec 2009

thank you everyone... I tried zolfot first it did not work for me I felt the same if not worse... I'm just having a huge patience issue with finding the right medicine... I've been depressed for so long I jsut want to feel better already! and sadly I would love to feel numb it beats being depressed but I'm sure I'd get sick of it too

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barbles2413 14 Dec 2009

You think you might feel good to be numb for a while but it is not what you think it is it is as bad as being depresed pr anxiety. You are alot like me. I want to feel beeter yesterday not in 2 minths. The more I have to wait the more anxious I get. Well the newer ssri and ssnri might deserve a try. I am giving it a try and I am frustrated but 4 and 1/2 weeks into it I do feel better but I am still not who I used to be and that really scares me. I want to be the 5 mile walker the 100 lap swimmer I have trouble getting off the sofa and away from the computer. I hate it. Anytime you want to just talk compare notes please feel free to contact me. Good Luck with this I am so glad I found this site because It does me good to know that I am not in this alone.

20 Dec 2009

i took luvox last 10 years for my fibromyalgia. It helped to control my mood swings. It would start effect your mood after 2-3 weeks not one day. Wait at least 2weeks and call your doctor if really bad. My case, it was up and down but could control my sickness! Good Luck

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18 Jan 2012

Yes... this can result for some patients.

The body realizes (so to speak) "Hey! My serotonin levels have been elevated! I better bring them... down. Remember, the body, at all times is proactively resolving for homeostasis... so what you are experiencing should be transient

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