I've been on Luvox CR for 15 days for OCD. Started with 50 mg, upped to 100 after 3 days and then after 6 days to 150 mg. I have the feeling that OCD symptoms have lessen a bit, although it fluctuates and there are hours when it's worse. The prescription says you should up the dose every 4-7 days till therapeutic effect. I know 15 days is not enough time for the medication to actually work. But the typical OCD dose is 200-300 mg. And I'm a male (from Germany, so sorry for my bad english ^^) 22 years old, 195 cm tall and 97 kg heavy. My question is if I should up the dose tommorow or if I should stay longer on 150 mg. I'm scared that the medication doesn't evolve its full effect if I stay too long on that dose. Thank you for your answers :)