Current medication list is 100mg Luvox, 100mg Lamictal, and 20mg Adderall 2x’s a day.

I am having a hard time finding people who also suffer from OCD, PTSD, BPD, and ADHD. I have had a pretty traumatic life. I know the OCD was a result of trauma (thinking I could control my environment or prevent bad things from happening through compulsions or obsessively thinking). Obviously the PTSD being a side affect of the trauma. I was diagnosed as a touch bipolar but I think it may be the result of triggers and lack of control. ADHD - have always had a very challenging time in school and completing tasks. My husband and I are currently repairing our marriage after a marital crisis- and I just started back in college again... I am realizing that I worked at avoiding my thoughts instead of dealing with them. I am looking for support for people who have had suffered similar conditions and would appreciate relatable experiences