I am on day 11 of my first pack of lutera and I experienced what I think is a side effect, as that's the only recent "health" change I've made. I started them on a Sunday - the same day I started my period. My period (which usually lasts 3 days plus a little spotting on the 4th), lasted about a full 6 days. On the 7th day, during intercourse I started bleeding really bad (I have been sexually active for 9 years - not a virgin thing). It was a bright thin blood, not the grungy clotty period sort of blood (sorry for the graphic description). Not only was it mortifying, it was very concerning. The bleeding didn't last long, but it was a lot and it came out fast. I called my doctor the following Monday and she said not to be concerned unless it happens continuously. She also said its too early for it to be considered a side effect of the pill. Which to me, is even more concerning. No STDs and I had normal pap results about 5 months ago. Anyone else experience any gnarly side effects within the first 2 weeks?