Hi. I have been on lutera for 16 days now, not one pill missed, all taken when I wake up in the morning. When I got prescribed these, I asked my doctor if it would be safe (in terms of pregnancy) for the man to ejaculate inside of me while on the pill. She said to wait 7 days and after that I would be covered.
So on my 15th day on the pill, I went and had sex without a condom, and he came inside of me. I told myself not to worry but I believe I have a serious fear of getting pregnant, so I took a plan b pill after the sex. Will I be safe? I'm sure I waited long enough to have sex without a condom cuz they said 7 days... and it was over two weeks when I had sex without a condom.
I am aware of birth control and how it works but I can't help but worry.