... life. I have been seen by doctors at UNC and Duke. Since I have been in Atlanta which is three years post initiation of plaquinil and NSAIDs. Doctors now want to label me unknown autoimmune based on current blood work. I am so frustrated. I changed doctors and told the new doctor my concern that the last gave more credit to labs than how I would report my symptoms. He assured me it would be wrong to undo the diagnosis of the three original doctors. His office ran the in-depth lupus panels, they came back normal. That is the information the pa relayed to me. She told me you do not have lupus. I broke down in tears. I have come off all my sle medicines. I wrote an email to the doctor and his nurse replied with the same your bloodwork is normal why are you upset. I feel like what I experience everyday means nothing. No one hears me but labs mean everything. I thought by the lupus foundation criteria it is more symptoms than labs. Please tell me what to do next