... diagnosis and at least two years I have been diagnosed with the following on women disorders autoimmune of the bladder autoimmune of the long I have no gallbladder now I have no female organs now I have a periodontal disease I suffer with the lupus type symptoms a lot I thought and still think to this day that I have lupus and fibromyalgia. My grandmother had both as well and she passed away at age 54 from cancer of the cervix and breast. The doctor says that all night blood work says I do not have it but I'm in a typical patient and sometimes you have to think outside the box for a diagnosis and treatment for me. I have had 1 antibody which was the smooth muscle antibody that has been elevated which links to your liver and I also have symptoms of a liver that is doing what it once because it's attacking itself disease doctors today have been seen looking at the big picture and I need help what can I do to get help