Hey, I this is my 4th month on lupron. I had a 12 centimeter cyst on my right ovary which ruptured and i had to get my ovary and fallopian tube removed. I have stage 4 endometriosis and have been taking 3 percocets a day for 3 years. I have suffering from mild depression since I went to Iraq 4 years ago, but my husband decided to go have an affair while I was having surgery. Yeah, I know. Any who, since taking Lupron I have been having severe hot flashes, panic attacks, and severe depression. Problem is, I dont know if it is because my life is currently problematic or if it is the Lupron.

My dr. prescribed Cymbalta, Xanax, and Wellbutrin, but I am still so depressed. I am moving to another state now, but I just feel so lonely, like I am the only person in the world, and that everyone hates me. I am not think kind of person. See, after reading my own post, I think I sux. I am 25 years old and have one child who is 4. My husband is in the military and I am 600 miles away from any friends and family. While I would love to spend all day in bed, I have to put on a happy face and live my life for my daughter. I am looking forward to the move in 3 months becaue the Lupron will be out of my system and it will be a fresh start.

Does anyone else feel like this, or am I truly alone? I know that I am whining and complaining. Also, I have gained about 5 lbs, and there has been a lot of bloat. The pain has not gotten any better since Lupron, if anything, it has gotten worsel. On Monday I have an ultrasound to see if I have any more cysts. My dr. says that if there are any more signifigant ones than I should go on another 3 months shot of Lupron.

Any ideas or suggestions? .