I had an 45 mg injection in Feb 2012, had imrt radiation for 2 months 5x a week and now 9 months later will see my
urologist who gave the injection for the first time. Abbot talks about monitoring for diabetes during lupron treatment and also anemia which might
cause more tiredness. I had to ask the radiation oncologist for these tests after radiation treatment and received them. Anemia was not indicated by test, but my glucose score was the highest in my life, although just above the noramal limit. I am interested as a former case manager in the degree of supervision that persons in lupron therapy get. My wife is in 4th stage breast
cancer treatment (metatasized to bone and liver) now in her 4th year of treatment. The difference in supervision and support compared with most prostate cases that I know is very different. The coordination between urologist, radiation oncologist and primary physician seems uncoordinated at best. I wonder what others have experienced?