I am writing to try to get some advice other than my doctors. I am faced with having to begin taking Lupron or my preferred option of my 4th lapo to remove endo that is now growing around my bladder, ovary and rectum. I had my first lapo in 2008, my 2nd in 2011 and my last which also ended up in a removal of my left ovary. I was diagnosed with endo from my 1st surgery and diagnosed with poly cystic ovaries (not the syndrome thankfully) and have been dealing with horrible pain for almost 5 years now. I have tried everything from surgeries, multiple types of birth control (also IUD's), hormones, Metformin, you name it I've tried it all to try and avoid taking Lupron. I have miscarried 3 times already and I am only 25. After years of pain, exhaustion and now desperation, I am being told that taking Lupron is a better option than another surgery. I am in pain DAILY, don't have a period to treat my endo but have had 4 cysts rupture in the last 4 months. Needless to say, I am miserable. But from what I have read, that will only get worse with Lupron. It's hard to out weigh the negatives with only what I have gathered as the possibility of relief from treatment with Lupron. I can take some pretty intense "side effects" but depression and insomnia? I've dealt with both in the past and haven't had the need to be on medication since my last pregnancy for hopes of getting pregnant sooner rather than later if at all. If this sounds like rambling, well it probably is. I just don't know where to turn to get an actual answer or advice from people who have lived through similar excruciating, and debilitating pain and who have faced taking or who have taken Lupron. I'm not worried about weight gain, or acne or those sorts of side effects. I was told today by my doctor that "it will get a lot worse before it will get better" I appreciate the honestly but come on, who would want to go through more of this?
Has anyone been able to have a successful pregnancy after taking Lupron? How long does the relief from the above pain last? Going off of Lupron, is it true the side effects can still be devastating for a long time after?
Any help, even if it's just positive thoughts I would deeply and greatly appreciate. For anyone going through this, even similar... I am sending you positive energy and hope for the best!