I have been prescribed to take the 11.25mg shot of Lupron to shrink my large grapefruit size fibroid. After reading all the reviews, I am petrified to take the shot. I am 25 years old and really want to start my family within the next year. My family also has a history of osteoporosis so the loss of bone density is frightening as well.
I have a regular menstrual cycle. Perhaps I bleed now more than I used to, I'm not sure, but it's nothing excessive or alarming. The only reason I'd be taking the shot is to shrink the fibroid so that I can get a mystemectomy. If anyone has updates on their experience of Lupron, please let me know. Majority of the negative ones were still currently going through the symptoms, I just want to know an update on if it went away/how long it took to wear off etc.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!