... ago.i had my uterous removed feb 2007.had rectal pain,pelvic pain and ovary pain due to endometriosis.was fine til bout 6 months ago.the rectal pain came back and so did the pelvic pain and ovary pain.pretty much my rectum hurts when i pass gas and just b4 bowel movement.doctor put me on lupron on august 20th of this year and sent me to a gastrointestinal doctor cause he thought it was my bowel.well,i had a colonoscopy the other day which they found nothing.my rectal pain seems to b even worse now,and the pain just b4 my bowel movements.i have had a second dose of lupron.should my pain b worse especially in the rectal area that kind of radiates to my private where my pubic hair would b?could my body not b responding to the lupron?does it work for everyone? ty,cindy