I'm 19 years old and was disagnosed with endometriosis about a year ago. My OBGYN has put me on Visane which has helped reduce the pain of my endometriosis greatly, but I am still experiencing sever pain around where my right ovary would be. I was referred to a surgeon and I have a laproscopic surgery scheduled for the beginning of May 2016. My surgeon suggested that after the surgery I go on Lupron for a 3 month period, when she first mentioned it to me she didn't mention any of the side effects. Being less than 20 years old I'm REALLY concerned about forcing my body to go through simulated menopause. My biggest concerns about Lupron are the effects is has on mood and the weight gain, I have clinical depression which I have managed very well but I'm scared that by using this treatment it will cause my mood to destabalize. My other fear is for my future furtility, has anyone experienced difficulty getting pregnant after taking Lupron?