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What could LRAD be the initials for ?

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kaismama 30 Jan 2014

Could you help us out here, used in what context?

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2014

There is a company called LRAD. It can stand for Long Rang Acoustic Devices which are made by the company called LRAD Corporation. Its effects have been likened to standing in front of a jet engine -- a blast of amplified sound capable of inducing headaches, panic, and potential hearing loss. It can emit a 150-decibel beam of sound and has become increasingly popular as a crowd-control device in the United States and around the world. Is this what you mean? The problem with acronyms is that there are many that may have very different meanings unless you know the context they are being used in.

DzooBaby 30 Jan 2014

It can also mean Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development Here are several LRAD acronyms:
Long Range Acoustic Device
long-range alpha detection
Land Redistribution for Agricultural Development
Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance
Logistics and Readiness Analysis Division
Logistics Readiness Analysis Division
long-range alpha detector
Land Reform for Agricultural Development
Long Range Alpha Detection

kaismama 30 Jan 2014

That's why I asked for a context free discount card

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