Hi I'm in severe need for reassurance!! I am refluxing up the my pharynx and it makes me feel as if my throats is going to close up. I also have an ulcer which causes extreme pain. Also I have minor asthma. Also I have post nasal drip which feels as if I have a cotton ball in my throats and my nostrils are so inflamed I cannot breathe through my nose. Also I have extreme anxiety that something is going to happen to me because of all of this. I've been to the hospital 7 times and I still feel like this. It's been going on for about 3-4 months. I wasn't able to attend school because of my anxiety. I have been to an ears nose throat specialist, two limes disease specialists, a heart specialist, a gastro specialist, countless trips to urgent care, the allergist, and I visit a therapist once a week for an hour. I am on albuterol, qvar, Flonase, prednisone, karafate, Allegra D, pantoprazole, and I do a saltwater gargle 3 times a day and a saline spray twice a day. I didn't know what to do to help myself calm down and to go back to me normal self. I am usually very active very social and very independent. Now I I didn't see friends, I didn't exercise that much, and have to be with my parents all the time. Please give me any advice for any of my situations and what I should do or not do.