I am currently taking 5mg 2x a day. I get a little dizzy maybe 30 min after taking the dosage. I’ve been taking it for 4 weeks. And the first week my panic attack and anxiousness was way worse than ever before. But then it got better. But since I’ve been taking it I had one day of panic attacks and anxiety 2 weeks ago and then today. So 2 weeks apart. I’ve read a lot of reviews saying they do a lot better at a low dosage. My doctor originally said if my anxiety doesn’t seem better to raise my dosage to 10mg 2x a day. But should I try 2.5mg 2x a day instead. I’m scared if I raise my dosage my anxiety will get way worse. I’m only 115lb and 5’0”. And have never taking any sort of anxiety medication. Of course I will talk to my doctor about this. Just want some Information from people who have taken the medication.