For the last few days I have had pain in my lower left abdominal area. The area is a little to the left of my bellybutton and from my bellybutton down. Sometimes it also hurts like a cramp on my left mid section of my abdomen. The pain in the lower area is a sharp pain. It hurts worse when I move around. When I sit on the couch it almost goes away. It's more painful if I try to sleep on my side. Sometimes I feel a gurgling feeling in the area almost like your stomach growling but not often and it's not very strong. Lately I have been gaining weight but my eating habits haven't changed. I've always been a large girl but this weight gain has been very sudden and unusual. I'm a 29 year old female. I do not believe I could be pregnant.

Is going to a centracare or urgent clinic going to be a good choice or do I need to go to an ER for treatment?