All that it's shown I have 2 herniated discs and swelling around some of the vertebrae. I've done physical therapy n taken my share of pain meds n it seemed to help at the time. Within the last month or so I went to stretch and "pop" my back which I've done so many times but this time it made a noise that didn't sound normal and I was in such bad pain for about 30 min I was bawling and I could not stand or lay down and if I even tried walking I couldn't put any weight down on my right leg the most. Almost every day I wake up it takes me a little bit to just be able to move and I'm usually crying by the time I am able to stand. I'm not able to stand or walk normal because the pain is awful!! Trying to go from sitting to standing or vice versa is about impossible without bawling my eyes out. I have no insurance right now so was just maybe wanting some ideas on what it cud be this time since it's not the normal pain I usually live with. Thank you and any ideas on how to help with the pain would be so helpful!!