Hi. I am 30 years old with lower back pain for 4 months. I hurt myself while weightlifting which caused the initial pain that lasted a week. Then, 10 days later while cleaning the house I hurt it again. From then on, it never lets go. The pain is in my deep lower back (right side worse) and also radiates to my left lower leg esp. fingers while laying down with numbness and tingling. I have had a lumbar MRI first which came out completely clear (3 months after the pain started). Then, they just told me to wait.

Having no answers, I have been to a private physiotherapy clinic and they did manipulative therapy which made it just worse as the pain radiated to my lower left leg and didn't let me sleep for a while.

It has gotten so bad that I went further to other specialists and got many MRI scans for my dorsal, lumbar and sacroiliac. In the sacroiliac MRI they detected a torn muscle (gluteus maximus) on my right hand side and some oedema. But had no clue about the numbness in my left lower leg. They used prolotherapy, mesotherapy, and many others that I cannot even remember.

It has been a complete 5 months now that I still am with the pain and worse the belief that I will have to live with it really adhered to my thoughts now. Doctors say it will heal but I do not know if they are doing this from sympathy or else.

I would really appreciate if you may give some thoughts about it.