I herniated my L4 about five years ago and it has gotten worse. Proof of that is I now have a bulging L5 and I have been very careful. I went into er one day because my while left leg was useless where they found spinal stenosis and the bulging disk. I had a great doctor that was actually trying to treat my pain. She left and I am now on my second doctor since her. He started me at the bottom with norco 10/325 4 times a day. I told him two months in that it wasn't even allowing me to be a productive person but he didn't have my chart at the time (long fight with a doctor before him that didn't believe I needed anything but to rub dirt on it). I have requested surgery just because I want to try to fix it but I was 20 and the surgeons would not touch me. I'm 22 now and I don't know how to tell him that I need a long acting medication and one for.break through. And that he can have his tramadol back but it seems with every doctor I see now that they look at my age and just say oh you just want to get high but I just want relief! My left leg has.shooting pain, my lower back feels like someone is stabbing it with an ice pick and lately I have had problems with my upper back from my lower back being jacked. Does anyone have any advice? I went to this doctor because his office is an adult medicine pain management facility but he tells me last time I saw him that he is not a pain specialist? Why did I come here then?! Sorry I am just so frustrated after five years of being poked and prodded with not one doctor trying to.fix it or really manage my pain.