Backround; Im about to turn 25. I played many sports and was an above average athlete in previous years. Since my high school days, over time I have come down with what i consider debilitating pain. I have no energy to get out of bed standing for more the 20-30 min hurts sitting for 20-30 min hurts. I always end up just laying down for that is when I get the most relief. I tried to see a couple doctors + a pain specialist and have never been treated more cruel by someone (name callers in elementary maybe) They treated me as if I was a drug seeker and an oxycontin abuser. This was before ever trying a pain medication other than vicodin for my wisdom teeth etc.. I then went out and asked a couple friends who one was able to get me a 30mg oxy generic quick release and WOW! I took only half and the pain relief was bar none. Obviously drugs of this sort / black market are rediculous but non the less I NEED HELP! what do i do to seek a Dr who will actually listen to my issues and not pass judgments? I think its unfair that I suffer while i hear so many people getting these drugs that don't really need them. I tried to go the legal route but have ran out of options.. advice??

p.s. It is to the point where I dont have a life, lost my job, and cant do anything without pain taking COMPLETE control.