Hi... I'm new here, and so glad I found this support group.
I am 50 and have had severe back issues since I was 30, with it gradually getting worse as I get older. I currently have Inherited Degenerative Disc Disease, Severe Spinal Arthritis, and Spinal Arthritis. In other words according to my doctors, my back "is a mess". In Dec 2010 I had to have surgery because of stenosis in my thoracic spine. I had a total laminectomy and fusion in my T5, T6, and T7.
Anyway I wanted to tell you a little about myself before I asked my question.
I currently take Volteren 75 2x daily for the arthritis pain and inflammation, it allows me to do most of my daily activities. I'm a nurse and I'm on my feet all day long. The Volteren works for the most part, but lower back take a real beating! I have the muscle spasms so often throughout the day, they care almost constant unless I am sitting or lying down... it's so bad it sometimes brings me to tears, but I carry on. Does anyone know of any medication that really works for lower back spasms? I have pain throughout my entire spine, but I have "learned to live with it".
If anyone is going through this as well, and has any advice, I would truly appreciate it... and thanks for listening... =)