Back on Sunday morning July 8th I woke up with a numb left leg, it scared me to say the least because as I had to drag my leg up the hallway and tell my wife I think I have had a stroke I was torn up. However in going to the emergency room I was told I had a sciatica, the nerve was pinched, the doctor recommended seeing my regular doctor and getting an MRI done. I did that and the MRI showed my L4 and L5 discs were bulging, there was also bone spurs on the S1 and S2 that were pressing on the nerve root, hence I have had a numb left foot ever since. The doctor sent me to see a neurosurgeon who prescribe Neurontin twice daily and Soma and Lortab 7.5 as needed to kill the pain which is sometimes awful. He said at that time he thought I would heal on my own. He even suggested a chiropractor if I wanted to but to tell him not to hurt me. I did see a chiropractor and turned out he is a patient of the neurosurgeon himself, he knew exactly what he meant by not hurt me. Since them he has been doing traction at 85 Lbs pull 2 to 3 times a week, nothing has happened. Every once in a while I might put 1 or 2 days together without the need for the narcotics, but the neurontin is everyday, it is killing my memory. I work at a factory, on my feet all day in management. At the end of the day I am in pain, plus I deal with meneires disease. Last week the neurosurgeon did a complete about face and said I would not recover without surgery, begged for a few weeks to see if I would heal. The chiropractor says avoid surgery. Anyone had any experiences or have advice. I would rather not have surgery either but how much time do I wait?