About 4 months ago I pulled a muscle (I think) in my lower back while carrying water bottles. I didn't actually hurt myself until I put them down, the plastic was cutting into my fingers and I dropped the package without it being fully on the ground, and instantly my back started hurting intensly.
I've pulled a muscle in my arm before, which I just left alone and in about two weeks it healed. I thought the same thing would happen with this injury. I'm still in school and during gym I found that most of the stretches were unbearable, so I didn't stretch all the way, just going far enough so I didn't fall over and die on the floor. While running every time my feet hit the floor I would feel pain in my lower back.
It seems almost like it's getting worse now that school's out. After laying down or sitting down on the floor getting up has been painful. Getting off the couch or out of a chair hurts, and even washing my hands has become awkward.
Applying pressure to the injury doesn't increase the pain, only bending. The pain has always been exclusively in my lower back, and hasn't spread at any point. I'm a girl, and I'll admit I'm not very active. I haven't seen a professional about this yet, but if it doesn't resolve soon I'm going to have to. I'm really hoping to be back to normal before the school year starts up again in the fall. Thanks.