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I have a low tsh 3rd generation and my t4 is a 1.9 how can I naturally control this?

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endlessPred 21 Aug 2012

Hello. Having just talked to my Endo about this, he says look at the TSH number. The others are a snap shot for that day at that time and tell little without a long history to relate.

What is your current composite TSH? Are you feeling ok? Ultimately it is not the number but how you feel.

meyati 22 Aug 2012

I really like what Endless pred's doctor. The only doctor that I had that worried about T 4, was the stupiest doctor that I ever had. My TSH was showing too much thyroid, but the T4 was showing normal. I felt horrible-high blood pressure, jumpy, super dry skin, etc. She wanted to treat the symptoms, but not reduce the hormone script. Finally my TSH went over the line-out of range-so she sat me down to explain T-4, but she didn't want to change my thyroid intake. I screamed that I don't care about T anything-I only care about my TSH- I was able to take the lab results that I got a few days later and talk to the clinic director. She looked at my chart that I refused BP meds, etc. the lab work and listened to me. I had put my name on a list to change doctors-and told that it might take a year. Several days later, the clinic called me up, and said that I was assigned to a new doctor. He took care of the TSH, and the blood pressure, etc. cleared up all by itself. My TSH level is right about where yours is-and it feels good for me. I'm like 1.5. I actually like mine to be more like yours. I don't even look at the other parts of the screen as they don't apply to me. free discount card

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