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I have a low tolorance for narcotics, should I try the 12.5 fentanyl patch?

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LaurieShay 11 Nov 2012

When you say low tolerance, what do you mean? That is the lowest you can go on the fentanyl patch which is a great way to have the pain medicine delivered to your system slowly overtime.

skeeter b 11 Nov 2012

I mean it doesnt take much for me to feel nauseous or effected in some way, dizzy etc.I have been taking percocet 10/325 (2) a day for about a year for a variety of problems,bone spurs & spinal stenosis,through-out spine,w/ DDD,Osteo-arthritis bulging discs L4-5 fybromyalgia (14 yrs)etc. with very little relief and now they want me to try the patch but it SCARES me!!But I am always in pain even after taking the meds.I couldnt take Oxycontin 10..too strong so is Fentanyl the same as Oxycontin? I need something so when I wake up in the morning I don't feel like I was beat up while sleeping!! I am only 5'2 115lbs . Please Advise!!! Help!!

LaurieShay 12 Nov 2012

Fentanyl is only simiar to Oxycontin in that it is an opiate. The fact that it is delivered slowly transdermally may be a benefit to you. Whether you may still experience some nausea and wooziness in the beginning I can't say. It should pass within the first couple of patches though

bnagoh 11 Nov 2012

Then even the lowest dose will make you nauseous. I have a high tolerance but I still felt like I wanted to not eat and if I did, for that first patch I would throw it up. But I hung with it and by the second patch I managed to keep food down. I was on the patch for about a year and it gives excellent pain management but I had to go up in dosage after four months 25 to 50 every three days. I found that even alternating places on the body was not easy cause of hair. Sometimes I had to put little pieces of gauze tape to make sure it did not fall off. Good luck B

Brie34 10 Mar 2013

No. My understanding is that Fentanyl patches are one of the strongest narcotic medications available. These are usually the "last resort" for people with severe, chronic pain. Thus, if you have a "low tolerance" for narcotics, it should not take more than a low dose of another medication to help you.

SisterAnne 19 Jun 2018

For me, the patch is a much better choice than oral pills. I have dysplasia along with Barrett's esophagus and my stomach is more easily upset by pills than by a patch. I should think your nausea would be less.
A fentanyl patch has an equivalency with a certain amount of percocet (which is also a narcotic). You are on quite a bit. It seems like a fentanyl patch would be safer and less nauseating. free discount card

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