Hi there,

I hope i can find some answers to a question that has been troubling me for a long time.
Three years ago, i came out of a very bad time in my life. I was addicted to Tramadol, among other pharmaceuticals for a year while i was in school. I was taking between 20 - 25 Tramadol along with various other Pharms, such as Xanax and Ritalin each day. This progressed to me having an overdose from (what the doctors suspect) to be the large amount of Tramadol.
After my first overdose, i cut back to a small amount of just Tramadol (between 6 and 10 tablets a day) but this gradually increased to the same level i was at prior, and i had another overdose.
This happened another time (total of 3 overdoses) before i finally quit Tramadol all together. I managed to remove myself from the addiction and have now been Pharm clean for 3 years.

After my third overdose, i noticed a decline in sexual behavior (desire and performance) and it has gradually gotten worse to the point where i now (even though i am offered sex frequently throughout the day from my girlfriend) have either no desire to have sex, or cannot.

My question is are these two incidents related? I am 21 and my friends and girlfriend find it strange that i do not have as high a sex drive as "the average man". Did i push my body too far with Tramadol, and am now paying the price? Can it be something to do with a decreased feeling due to the amount of painkillers that i once took?

Please any answers will be much appreciated
Thank you