Okay . Recently my sex drive has been at an all time low - as in once / twice every 2 weeks!! When me and my bf are in a good place its great and we have sex more but our relationship has its highs and lows but when its low we barely even touch and it kind of goes thru fazes like that. Lately i seem to have no desire for sex and this pattern in our relationship is frustrating me. We both love each other and have a child together but this just seems to b our routine. I have put on a lot of weight recently and feel disgusting tbh so i know this has a lot to do with it aswell and technology plays a big part too . Im not sure how to break the up and down pattern in our relationship and be interested in regular sex again and feel close to my partner because i cudnt feel further away lately and i know he feels the same hes just not saying anything cause he doesnt want an argument