NOTE: I do have a doctor s appt. Soon and will be asking same questions, just want some answers from someone who s been through the same or has some knowledge.

Ok so, I went to the ER the other day from pain in my chest along with shortness of breath , muscle pain and dizziness. They did a few things and all they could see was that my potassium was low. They gave me a potassium pill and re-drew my blood, which was fine and sent me on my way. They didn t tell me anything that I should do and it was pretty late that I didn t think of asking. So I am now eating 2 Bananas a day, coconut water and vitamin water (has 25% dv of potassium) . I read on Google (which I know I shouldn t and don t know if it s even accurate) that the higher the potassium the lower the sodium and lower sodium equals higher potassium. So I tried cutting sodium from my diet and ended up with a headache looked it up to see if it was due to my potassium and it said it was due to low sodium.

How much of this is accurate?
What s most important to keep track of so it doesn t happen again?
Should I be checking my potassium intake, sodium intake, or just make sure I m properly hydrated?
Still have a small pain in upper chest, will it eventually go away?
When should it be ok to drink a cup of coffee again?