i am so, so scared. i went to have surgery last week and the dr cancelled it because my O2 sat level was too low. i saw a wonderful pulmonologist today. my O2 was 84 (which is higher than when they took it before surgery- i think it was in the 70s then, not sure). she said "you're not going home" and sent me straight to the hospital. she said i'd get the chest catscan there so that if i needed to be admitted i'd already be there. 

fortunately, i didn't have to be admitted today and they sent me back to her office. no cancer or blood clots thank god. she's putting me on oxygen 24 hrs all weekend and steroids. then i will be hospitalized monday and pumped full of steroids and i don't know what else until my lungs are strong enough for her to put me under anesthesia and put a tube down to test them and find out what's going on. i smoked for years but quit recently.

i have a preexisting problem with anxiety, and even on my valium i've pretty much been having an anxiety attack all day. i'm so incredibly terrified.  have any of you been through this or something similar? any words of advice? i am so scared.