I know this may sound crazy, since everything i normally read of people having problems getting off ativan in large doses; but, i am having the worst time trying to get off .5mg of ativan.
I have been taking ativan for 6 weeks for panic attacks (was taking 2mg per day). My doctor found out I was extremely deficient in Iron and B12 and since then have been taking supplements along with 20mg of celexa. i'm not having anymore panic attacks. Over 2 weeks I brought my dose down to .5mg once a day. any time i try to stop taking the .5mg... it brings on an attack, along with stomach ache, and shakes, and just feeling not right.
so i have taken .25mg once a day the past two days, then tried to not take it yesterday. felt good yesterday and about 4am started having the shakes and panic onset, etc.
how do i get off this crap??? i'm having severe withdrawal at low dosage levels.