.Earlier this week I was feeling tired & came for lunch to take a nap I awoke when my daughter got? home from school I told her I wasnt feeling to well & asked her to drive me to my work so I could do a couple of things & then come home. On our way there I felt very sick to stomach & told her to pull over in a parking lot. My daughter told me that I had passed out for like 3 minutes I had no idea All I knew was that I was extremely sick & went inside the establishment to the restroom. I had an explosive bout of diarrhea & then was totally spent. I could not walk I was so weak. I laid on the floor until the EMs arrived. They took my blood pressure & said it was very low (normally mine is high & I take medicine). I was transported to a hospital & was told that I was dehydrated. I had a terrible bout of nausea & tossed my cookies for a good 3 mins. I was admitted & spent 2 nights in the hospital. Nothing was ever found besides the low pressure, dehydration & today before I was released I was told my blood level was low & I should have my family dr check it in a couple of weeks. This is just to odd for me What could be causing these symptoms?