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How low will 12ml of humalog take my sugar level if sugar level is at 400?

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kaismama 22 Dec 2014

Have no fear, its not going to put you into shock. I've given a lot more then that for a blood sugar that high. It has to come down under 200. Then to normal no matter what it takes. Its damaging your cells this way.
Did you call your dr and he told you what to do? Or do you have a sliding scale?

jcolson 6 Jul 2015

It all depends on how sensitive you are to insulin, most type 2 diabetics are insulin resistance to a certain extent, so if you are type 2 then most likely 12 units isn't going to get you down very far. You will have to call your doctor to find out for sure. But to play it safe give yourself a 6 unit shot them wait an hour and take your reading again then you can do some simple math to determine how much you drop per unit of insulin free discount card

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