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Lovenox - If u can't afford the medicine and you could die if you don't take it what do I do?

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Inactive 13 Apr 2011

LOVENOX® Cost Assistance Services and Patient Assistance Program Hotline
Monday–Friday, 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM (ET)
On-call service Saturday and Sundaya
Phone: 1-888-632-8607
Fax: 1-888-875-9951

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pumpkincake 28 Oct 2014

Sanofi does have a program for those patients who are UNINSURED and are at 400% of the poverty level. They will provide injections if you meet all of the criteria. Unfortunately, they do NOT offer any co-pay assistance at all. My copay for my injections is over $300 a month... just the copay! It is a shame this medication is so expensive. Either you do really well with a good job with great insurance, or you are middle class who falls through the cracks... or you are not insured and get the medication for free from Sanofi. Middle class equals = Struggle getting my medication. There are a lot of resources out there, but NONE for copays for this medication. I have never struggled so much in my life to get a medication that I need to save my life. Terrible. Just terrible.

There are older other drugs that can thin your blood for a fraction of the cost. When my husband was in the hospital recently for clots in the lungs after surgery, they tried to push that on him at a cost of 879 dollars a month to him. Fortunately being a nurse in the past I knew they could give him Coumadin instead. The difference is the doctors don't have to monitor you blood levels with the lovenox so it's easier for them . Also because of this fact you can be discharged sooner from the hospital. Fortunately the hospital had funds to cover a ten day supply for the lovenox while he gets his level of Coumadin to the right dose. we are middle class but have a lousy part d drug plan so I insisted on the maybe the Coumadin wouldn't be right for you. But for you perhaps the eloquist or Xarelto would be cheaper. Dicuss it with your Doctor. free discount card

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