My daughter has a problem about sweating, I'm letting her type:

I sweat a lot everyday. I'm basically always sweating, no exaggeration there. Its gotten me a bit depressed (people saying that it stank and smelt like sh#t did not help) and I feel awkward every minute since my pits are soaking wet. I'm still in the age range of puberty, and no one else at school has this problem. I'm worried it's hyperhidrosis (permanent) since hyperhidrosis starts during puberty. My doctor said my thyroid glands were working fine and stuff. Not on any medication. This started when I was 11 about the time when I got my period. This just a normal thing during puberty? Need solutions for it as well, antiperspirant (even clinical strength) and deodorant doesn't help. Just SO FRUSTRATED. I don't want to put up with this for the rest of my life.