Why does so many other pills/medicine I take say that I shouldn't take other pills with "Acetaminophen" but I'm supposed to take "Menstrual Complete" which has Acetaminophen, and I'm supposed to take Hydrocodone. But both have Acetaminophen. And I still need to take both... if I'm supposed to take these pills then why do they all say that? I'm I going to get sick because of it?

(P.S. My Planned Parenthood Councilor/Doctor said I need/should take these to ease my abortion. The one where you have to have the pills melt in your mouth (Mifepristone and Misoprostol for Abortion)... BTW, horrible pain. Take the Hydrocodone not the 800 Ibuprofen. Throw up and diarrhea are NOT fun... especially at the same time.)