I am 26 years old and have migraines pretty much my whole life. Last fall, they increased in the threshold of pain, duration - lasted for weeks on end nonstop, as the days got shorter, the migraines got worse. I tried Imitrex, Celebrex, anything ansaid, but went into anaphylactic shock with all of them. I am now taking topomax and had been using Fiorcet for breakthrough migraines. My migraines were down to maybe 3 a month!, then this past week, they started up something awful - this last one I had for 5 days and ended up in the ER getting dilaudid shots to break the cycle. I know this is only July, but I am concerned about Fall approaching and with it migraines, and also really scared considering all of the allergies I have to medications - there is a very long list. My doctor wants to "try" the Botox, but if I should have any reactions they won't be mild - I know I would end up back in the ER. Since my doctor does NOT treat a migraine with anything once I get one, I am stuck - increase the topomax and feel totally spaced out all the time and unable to sleep, or go with the Botox and chance a reaction. Has anyone else out there had a situation like this?